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Our fellowship programs are designed to support early career scholars worldwide. Our fellows collaborate in research groups, author CARGC Press publications, and organize talks, lectures, symposia, conferences, and summer institutes. CARGC Fellows draw on a broad interdisciplinary corpus of scholarship, push beyond normative paradigms, and incorporate truly global ideas, sources, and contexts. To foster collaboration at all levels, CARGC Fellows are fully engaged in the daily life of the center, an inclusive community of scholars driven by intellectual generosity, curiosity, and exchange.

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Faculty Fellowship


CARGC offers a limited number of fellowships to full-time faculty from institutions other than the University of Pennsylvania. Faculty fellowships typically last one full semester. They are residential fellowships, ideal for scholars on funded sabbatical and research leaves. As all our fellows do, CARGC Faculty Fellows work on their own research projects, and collaborate with CARGC staff and postdoctoral, doctoral, and undergraduate fellows. They present a CARGC Colloquium and publish one CARGC Paper with CARGC Press. Fellows are provided a workspace, computer, and library access and are expected to be fully engaged in the life of the center.

“I launched my first book at CARGC, and I began research on my second book project. Since leaving CARGC, I have made considerable advancement in my primary research and writing, neither of which would have been possible without my fellowship.”

Christopher Ali (Faculty Fellow, Spring 2017)

Postdoctoral Fellowship


CARGC’s Postdoctoral Fellowship program attracts outstanding scholars from all over the world, who bring fresh ideas and new topics to the field of global communication. Postdoctoral Fellows work on their own research, typically a book manuscript, and collaborate with staff and faculty, doctoral, and undergraduate fellows. They may design and teach one undergraduate course during their second year. They present a CARGC Colloquium and publish one CARGC Paper with CARGC Press. Postdoctoral Fellows are provided with a stipend, a research fund, health insurance, a workspace, and computer and library access. Fellows are expected to be in residence for the duration of their fellowship and are fully engaged in the daily life of the center, participating in research and writing groups, peer mentoring, and organizing events, conferences and symposia.

Postdoctoral fellow speaking at a meeting

“Working at CARGC has emboldened creativity in my research and writing that I have not been able to fully explore elsewhere. The interdisciplinary nature of intellectual work that CARGC hosts encouraged me to pursue unorthodox approaches to enduring questions, resulting in new writing, research, and collaboration.”

Rayya El Zein (Postdoctoral fellow 2017-2019)

Doctoral fellow speaking at a meeting

Doctoral Fellowship


CARGC Doctoral Fellows are outstanding students currently pursuing a PhD at the Annenberg School for Communication and working on issues of relevance to global communication. They have the opportunity to work closely with CARGC’s Director Marwan M. Kraidy and the other CARGC scholars. They develop their own research program, assist with CARGC-related projects, participate in peer mentoring with other CARGC fellows, and take an active role in CARGC events and activities. Doctoral Fellows have access to research funds to support international travel, and are provided with a workspace on CARGC premises, otherwise known as “CARGC World Headquarters.”

“The CARGC writing group has been one of the most productive and generative spaces to think through my own work. Each week, we meet in a low-stakes setting, ask questions, make suggestions, and think about ways to take our work to the next level, which is so essential for critical scholarship.” 

Heather Jaber (Doctoral Fellow, 2017-2019)

Undergraduate Fellowship


Each year, CARGC selects one outstanding undergraduate student from the University of Pennsylvania to be appointed as CARGC Undergraduate Fellow. Undergraduate Fellows have the opportunity to work with CARGC Director Marwan M. Kraidy and other CARGC affiliates on projects relevant to global communication. They are involved in ongoing projects and participate in activities such as research meetings, discussions, and lectures. They write a paper for publication by CARGC Press, give a CARGC Undergraduate Colloquium, and help with grant-writing and research. Undergraduate Fellows receive a stipend to cover expenses or travel related to their research and are provided with a workspace at CARGC.

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