Despite the many challenges of the moment, CARGC fellows – current and recent – have been incredibly busy this semester, publishing an impressive eight peer-reviewed articles in top journals including Information, Communication & Society, International Journal Of Communication, and International Journal of Cultural Studies, to name a few. These papers push the boundaries of global media and communication, engaging a broad range of topics from internet shutdowns (Madenga) and slowdowns (Bergère), to 1990s South Indian comedy and telecoms (Chirumamilla),  music venues and youth politics in the Middle East (El Zein), and Russia’s multipolar approach to internet governance (Budnitsky). In addition, current CARGC postdoctoral fellow Fernanda Rosa’s dissertation received an honorable mention from the Association of Internet Researchers, and recent fellow Rayya El Zein published a beautifully personal and powerful multimodal piece in World Records. Finally, if you haven’t seen Zane Cooper’s virtual VR exhibit ‘Alchemical Infrastructures,’ don’t wait! It is excellent and currently on display as part of AoIR 2020.  

Links to the publications and exhibit included below:

Budnitsky, Stanislav. 2020. “Russia’s Great Power Imaginary and Pursuit of Digital Multipolarity.” Internet Policy Review, 9(3). DOI: 10.14763/2020.3.1492.

Bergere, Clovis. 2020. “’Don’t Tax My Megabytes’: Digital Infrastructure and the Regulation of Citizenship in Africa.” International Journal Of Communication, 14, 18.

Chirumamilla, Padma. 2000. “Crossed Wires and Crooked Calls: Imagining the Telephone in South Indian Comedy Films of the 1990s.” International Journal of Cultural Studies. DOI:10.1177/1367877920950744.

Cooper, Zane. 2020. Alchemical Infrastructures Exhibit:

El Zein, Rayya. 2020. “Toward a Dialectic of Discrepant Cosmopolitanisms.” Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, 13(2), 170-189.

El Zein, Rayya. (2020). “To Have Many Returns: Loss in the Presence of Others.” World Records, Vol. 4.

Madenga, Florence. 2020. “From Transparency to Opacity: Storytelling in Zimbabwe Under State Surveillance and the Internet Shutdown.” Information, Communication & Society. DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2020.1836248.

Nguyen-Thu, Giang. 2020. “From Wartime Loudspeakers to Digital Networks: Communist Persuasion and Pandemic Politics in Vietnam. Media International Australia 177(1):144-148. DOI:10.1177/1329878X20953226.